The Flipping Conference
Tuesday 29th April 2014, University of Bath

New to Flipping?
Hear about a range of examples from different disciplines and discover the benefits to the student learning experience.

Have you Flipped?
Share your ideas and experiences.

A Flipped Programme for a Flipped Event!
Conference Programme

  • Pre conference material delivered online
  • Flipped workshop sessions (indicative titles - specific content will depend on outcomes of pre-conference activities) :
    • What is flipping? An introduction
    • Flipping with learning techologies
    • So what do you do in the lecture room?
  • Swap shops: sharing examples of practice
  • Keynote speaker – Dr Julie Wintrup, Principal Teaching Fellow, University of Southampton

The conference is now full but if you wish your name to be added to the reserve list then please email acdev@bath.ac.uk

There is no charge to attend this event; however, if you register and do not attend (without informing the conference convenors in advance) you may be charged a cost to cover catering.

Pre- Conference Materials

In the true spirit of Flipping and to enable you to share in the experience of your students we decided to ‘Flip’ the workshops for this conference. For your chosen workshop (or for all three if you’re really keen!), please view the key resources (videos, articles/ blogs and a published case study) prior to attending the conference. For those who are particularly interested, links to optional additional material (extended reading) have also been provided but reading the introductory references is sufficient.

When you have viewed the material we should be grateful if you would answer the questions in the associated survey and post further questions for discussion at the workshop. The workshops will be built around discussions arising from the pre-conference resources and from personal experiences. The aim during these workshops is to identify/ produce materials and key points/ tips which can be built into a resource to support staff in creating effective Flipped approaches to their teaching.

Thank you for choosing to attend the Flipping conference at Bath and I hope you find the resources and conference interesting and informative.

Best wishes

Christine Edmead – conference organiser

Workshop 1: What is Flipping?

  • Flipping has been adopted in many school environments. Here, the originators of the approach, Jonathan Bergmann and Aaron Sams, give an overview of the flipped approach in a school environment - __http://flippedclassroom.com/__

After viewing the resources, please complete the attached questionnaire which will help inform the content and discussion of the workshop.

Additional resources

Workshop 2: Embedded Technologies

After viewing the resources, please complete the attached questionnaire which will help inform the content and discussion of the workshop.

Additional Resources

  • For a discussion on the use of technology to enhance learning -

Other links to sites for specific technologies

Workshop 3: What to do in and out of the classroom

Brief overview giving examples of in class activities - http://moodle.technion.ac.il/file.php/1298/Announce/How_Flipping_the_Classroom_Can_Improve_the_Traditional_Lecture.pdf

Detailed article with embedded links which reviews Flipping but also the importance of the in –class activities -

Case study – Physics - http://www.heacademy.ac.uk/assets/documents/stem-conference/PhysicalSciences/Simon_Bates_Ross_Galloway.pdf

Case study-Business management http://www.ijbhtnet.com/journals/Vol_1_No_2_September_2011/1.pdf

Case study - Engineering – activities in and out of the classroom - www.asee.org/public/conferences/20/papers/7063/download

After viewing the resources, please complete the attached questionnaire which will help inform the content and discussion of the workshop.

Additional reading - General resources on The Flipped classroom

The University of Bath Flipping Project -general overview and additional resources - http://flippingproject.wikispaces.com/Flipping%21

The Flipped learning network – resources including literature and case studies http://flippedlearning.org/FLN


It’s not all plain sailing - reflections-issues with flipping - http://www.ethosconsultancynz.com/video/reflections-on-the-flipped-classroom