More Information on Flipping

"The inverted classroom in a large enrolment introductory physics course: a case study." Paper by Prof Simon Bates & Dr Ross Galloway, School of Physics & Astronomy, University of Edinburgh

"Two ways to invert your classroom (and why you should bother)" Prof Simon Bates' presentation from the University of Bath's Innovations Day 2012

"Flipped Classroom: the full picture for Higher Education". An excellent blog post summarising the concept of Flipping with useful links to more information, video capture resources and online videos.

"Flipping the Classroom - Simply Speaking". A 3.5 minute introductory video from Penn State University with examples of who's flipping what.

"How the inverted classroom works - a manifesto for students". This blog post provides a description, addressed to students, of how a flipped unit works.

"Looking for 'Flippable' Moments in Your Class". This article in 'Faculty Focus' offers some ideas for identifying where flipping might be particularly effective.

"Twenty Terrible Reasons for Lecturing". Although from 1981, this article is still highly relevant today.

"“I Don’t Like This One Little Bit.” Tales from a Flipped Classroom". This blog post provides an interesting example of Flipping in the social sciences / humanities.

"Turn to your Neighbour: The Official Peer Instruction Blog". Ideas on Flipping in K-12 and higher education.

Video Resources

You can produce your own videos or screen captures. There are also many pre-existing videos and other learning materials that might be relevant e.g.