Project Background

The University of Bath is strongly committed to encouraging and enabling innovation in learning and teaching. This is currently supported through:
  • Departmental and faculty based enhancement activities;
  • Regular review and monitoring of student feedback;
  • Annual programme related data and feedback from external examiners;
  • Projects under the Teaching Development Fund;
  • Opportunities for sharing practice at the annual Innovations Day, academics staff development events and Better@Bath publications; and
  • Advice and guidance provided by the LTEO.

A further, pro active, approach is now proposed in order to support innovation more directly within interested departments. This will be achieved through championing a specific curriculum design model (the 'flipped' or 'inverted' classroom) based on extensive experience and good practice and with a strong evidence-base of success in terms of enhancing student learning[1].

[1] Bates, S. & R.Galloway (2012) The inverted classroom in a large enrolment introductory physics course: a case study. HEA Stem Conference :