Get Involved!

The Flipping Project is targeted at large, first year units to be delivered in Semester 1 of the 2014/15 academic year. The introductory meeting will provide an opportunity for you to learn more about the idea and practice of flipping and to review your existing delivery. If you are entirely new to flipping you will be aiming to flip your unit for delivery in October 2014. If you are already familiar with the idea, the project can also support you to flip a unit or a small number of lectures in Semester 2 of this academic year (February 2014).

During 2013/14, project teams will be supported to review existing provision and design the new student learning experience. The materials will then be produced in semester two (whilst your student team members are still on campus) and/or over the summer. Projects will have the opportunity to share their ideas (and experiences if you've already tried flipping) with colleagues across the University and beyond at a national event in April and the annual Exchange! conference in May.

Teams will receive support from the LTEO for their involvement in the project and will be expected to share their experiences through events, a staff/student briefing document and a short, evalutive report.

Signing up to take part

If you would like to take part in this project in the 2013/14 academic year, please download and complete the application form below and return it to Dr Helen King by Friday 1st November 2013. If you are interested in the project but don't yet feel ready to participate, do let Helen know and we will identify ways for you to shadow or otherwise learn from this first cohort's experience.

Next steps

Once you have submitted your form, Helen, Head of Academic Staff Development and the Flipping Project Leader, will contact you directly to book an initial meeting to discuss your involvement in the Flipping project and to clarify what you would like to achieve by taking part. We are keen to ensure that you and your Department / School benefit as much as possible from this project. Following this initial meeting, you and your other team members will be invited to the project’s start-up meeting which will take place in early December 2013.